Born 1973 in Luxembourg

Living and working in Luxembourg and wherever the road leads





2017        "Pictures for life" Auction for APEMH , Luxembourg

2016         publication in "At the sign of the cat", official publication of The Cougar Club of America

2013        "Pictures for life" Auction for "Stop aids now" and "HIVberodung" , Luxembourg

2012        "Vacancy ", Photography festival, Clervaux, Luxembourg

2011        "Vacancy", Centre d’Art Nei Liicht, Dudelange, Luxembourg

2010        "Troc’NBrol", Carré Rotondes, Luxembourg

2010        "Jeudiscover", Exit 07, Carre Rotondes, Luxembourg

2010        "me & myself", slideparty, Espace Artgentik, Luxembourg

2010        "Insight", collaboration to the work "Wer bin ich und wenn ja, wieviele?" by Tom Lucas, Espace Artgentik, Luxembourg

2010        "Portfolio Night", CNA, Luxembourg

2009        "Portfolio Night", CNA, Luxembourg

2008        "CDIO", Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg

2006        "be my lucky number", agence borderline, Luxembourg

2006-08    "out of…Berlin…pass the picture", touring exhibition, supported by the Goethe Institut, Berlin, Kuala Lumpur

2002         selected to represent Luxembourg at the “workshop for young photographers”, Asia-Europe Foundation, Singapore

2002        "Artistes Luxembourgeoises", Diekirch, Luxembourg

1998        "16 New Artists", The Tannery, London, UK

1997        "Artistes luxembourgeois", Bettendorf, Luxembourg

1997        "Photography vs Sculpture", Baltimore, USA





1998-2000   Photo- & Communication Design, Stuttgart, Germany

1997            Photography and Fine Art, Maryland Institute of Art and Design, Baltimore, USA

1995-1998   BA(Hons) Fine Art, Winchester School of Art, UK

1994-1995   Foundation course in Art and Design, Winchester School of  Art, UK